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 •  August 2004

"My debut online interview on the Dr. Maxine Thompson Show gave the book, Literary Divas Most Admired, its first on-line Internet Radio presence. The entire world heard about the literary divas.

"Maxine Thompson is a quintessential literary diva of our times.

"May the celebration begin. Thank you for your guidance."

Heather Covington, Author of Literary Diva's: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature. (Tell a Friend to pick up a copy)

"SECRET LOVERS is the surprise anthology hit of the year. It is well-crafted, well written, and entertaining. It is one of the most enlightening experiences you will ever read.

"Dr. Maxine Thompson has outdone herself this time. Read SECRET LOVERS. You won't regret it."

Heather Covington, Heather Covington

Owner of Disilgold

"SECRET LOVERS: Younity Guild New Romance Anthology of the Year Award. (2006)"

I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by Mrs. Maxine Thompson on the program Voice America a few years ago, discussing my book "Stone the Builders Rejected"-a Christian book for singles on abstinence until marriage. As a result of the interview, I received a great deal of response from the viewers which also increased the sale of the book and also afforded me more speaking engagements as well. I would highly recommend Mrs. Thompson other websites as well as Voice America and pray that she continues to have success with her shows and book sales. Miss Johnnie Goolsby, Macon, Ga.

I enjoyed Katrina Blues. The male character, Coleman is what anyone would call a real man, the way he swallowed his pride and did what he had to do to keep his family together.

And also, it's scary how some people right under your nose can have a hidden illness as Deni's best friend did, without you having a clue. And I like the point you made about family.

Evelyn Ball

Dear Maxine,

Because of your consistently strong and able support for we African American authors, I regard you as one of our unsung heroes. You have allowed me to visit with your Voice America audience and your followers of On The Same Page, and I much appreciate your graciousness to me. An author can ask no better publicity than access to a radio audience. I have received e-mails from several of your listeners, and I know that my exposure to them has helped to move my latest book, IF YOU WALKED IN MY SHOES off the bookstore shelves. I sincerely hope you will invite me to join you again on one of your internet radio shows.
Speaking with you about writing and about my book was a joy, because our conversations were between writers, a most unusual kind of interview experience. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Warmest Regards,
Gwynne Forster
IF YOU WALKED IN MY SHOES, (ISBN 0-7582-0652-6) mainstream fiction coming in December, 2004 from Kensington/Dafina. Advance reviews are a rave.
AFTER THE LOVING, a sequel to Once In A Lifetime, coming February 2005 from BET Books

I self-published my first novel, Something In Common, after numerous rejections from agents and publishers.  Since then, I was determined to go mainstream. My second novel, June In Winter was story edited by Maxine Thompson, of Maxine Thompson's Literary Service. I sent the first three chapters out and  was picked up by a well-known agent, and now have a great book deal with Kensington Publishing.
Thank you, Maxine, for all your help and expertise. I will always be a repeat customer of yours.

Patricia Anne Phillips
Author (JUNE IN WINTER, Released June 2003; now has 2 more book deals with Kensington, effective October 2003. One book, A Flower Blooms in Thika, was edited by Maxine Thompson. JUNE IN WINTER is a Romantic Times Nominee.
It has won two awards, Best Multicultural Book and the other one was Best First Multicultural Romance.

Her new novel, Nice Wives Finish First, due in the stores in March 2005, has been selected as a SPAN Book Club Selection! Congratulations, Pat!

Dear Ms. Maxine Thompson,

Pardon me for taking a bit to get back with you. However, thanks to you, I am coming off a wonderful book tour. As you know, my sequel, Cloning, was recently launched at the Jazz at Drew concert, after which, I went to sign in DC, NY, Philly, and Baltimore. I am actually having people email me and call me who have already finished reading Cloning!

You were right, all the changes you suggested made has made this book a real page turner.

People actually tell me they finish it in two days! It's only been two weeks that it came out. I'll never forget when you told me to dig deeper, and after I had dug as deep as I could, you told me to go for the reader's heart, by making inner character conflicts. You forced me to focus on my theme, my purpose, the issues, the good, bad and ugly of cloning, stem cell, biobanking. Building conflict, keeping people on the edge, and then pushing things to the limit and beyond by upping the stakes!

You showed me the importance of building each and every character, making Dr. Diamond, larger than life and tricks to making him engaging, creating plausible plot twists, gosh, I could go on and on. I can not imagine either my first novel, Black Deception, nor it's sequel, Cloning, on the shelves without your magic touch.

How funny, I ran into another author while signing at RePrint in DC, and he sang your praises as well. He even credits you with the reason he has a book deal with a major publisher!

I am now gearing up, and doing the research you recommended for my next novel, Unleashed, The Next Generation.

I most certainly will seek you out as my mentor, story editor and hopefully soon, my agent. I hope you can make it to my unveiling this Friday. I can't wait to introduce you to everyone. You're the bomb, didi!!

Thanks for everything.

Monica Payton, author of Cloning and Black Deception

I was able to catch the Show Tuesday, September 14, 2004, 9:00 P.M.
Mary Monroes' 15 years struggle and perserverence sends another inspirational message. The titles and content of her books are so interesting. It's really kinda sad that this friend of hers is just "sitting" on a book, that could possibly be on Bookstore shelves, afraid to let anyone (including her) see the manuscript.

Congrats again for another very good Show.
It's almost amazing to me how, no matter how interesting the guests, your comments always add another dimension to the Show. I'm certain that aspiring writers, as well as seasoned writers anxiously await the good words from Maxine Thompson. :)


You've maxed out your credit cards, borrowed from Peter to pay Paul and now your dream story is nestlee between the covers of a paperback. The stacks of boxes housing a thousand perfect-bound copies of what you know to be a best seller is pushed into the corner of your living room. Dust has covered the labels on the boxes, as well as your hopes of becoming a famous author--or at least one people will recognize.

You need a review.

You can have a book written with the page-turning talent of Maya Angelou or the soul-searching journey of E. Lynn Harris, but how do you share this wonder with the world? The accolades embedded in a raving review from a respected book reviewer, editor, columnist, or another author is priceless.

The publishing voyage, I am now enjoying, has been made smoother by the ongoing support from various reviewers and readers. One in particular has made a major impact on my sales and much-needed exposure. Maxine Thompson, herself an author, read the first of my gospel comedy stories--Sister Betty! God's Calling You! The fact that my collection of short stories was the first of its kind and sparked a new genre of fiction--Gospel Comedy, captured her attention. Although these books have been published for two years and are successful within certain demographics, her reviews have almost single-handedly catapulted them to another level. A level of both religious and secular acceptance.

I have much respect and admiration for people such as Maxine Thompson. She gave as much of herself, not just for my writing efforts, but for many of those whom she felt had much to contribute to the literary world. In doing so, it became a 'win-win' situation. Her awesome writing ability, already recognized by many, became a beacon for book editors, publishers, and other writers who know the real value of--the review. (Sister Betty will be published under Kensington's Dafina's line in July 2003.)

Update: 11-18-03 I also want to thank those of you who have sent congratulations to me on my being signed on to do a movie, a Thirty Minute Comedy TV Special and comedy tour produced by Viacom, Miramax and Light Entertainment and film Company. In about seven months I will be traveling to London, Paris and Asia to begin filming. God is so good. Out of 800 Christian Comedians I was the film company's first choice and I will be playing Sister Betty. Ain't God a Wonder!!!
In the meantime, Let's get our laugh on....

Pat G'orge-Walker - Sister

As of 2-4-00, Sister Betty is now a top Christian Book Seller on Check it out!

"I had been sending my manuscript out to publishing houses for a couple of years before I found out about Maxine Thompson and the literary services she offered to writers. With unbiased objectivity, she identified problem areas within the storyline where the pace lagged and specific scenes needed more conflict and tension. Maxine inspired me to "dig deeper" as a writer. I believe Degree of Caution is a better book because of her expertise."

Sibyl Avery Jackson, author of Degree of Caution
(Bestsellers' list on Cush, won Self-published award on Sistah Circle; Also has an option for a film)

thank-you for your continued support....everyone that i've let read the novel loves it.... they are asking for the sequel...(I hope that this is not merely a function of my friends telling me what i want/need to hear?!) i'm getting started on the second installment....

Ken Mask, MD, New Orleans, author of Murder at the Butt, released in July 2003.


From our very first conversation, I knew you were a sincere, kind, and giving individual. It overwhelmed me to receive such honest, knowledgeable insight on what I needed to do in order to bring my novella, Althea, to completion. Your patience and guidance brought to fruition a wonderful story that I may never have found in myself to tell without your helpful suggestions. I look forward to working on my next project with you very soon.

Linda Watkins Author, of novella, "Althea"



AUTHOR OF DEADLY DANCE (published January 2003)


I feel honored to have had the benefit of your expertise. Your initial manuscript critique and subsequent editing work were instrumental in taking FIRST LOVE to another level. I look forward to working with you on the next novel in the First Love Revolution series.

Yolanda Callegari Brooks
What Would You Give Up To Keep Yours?
Join the First Love Revolution
February 2002

Dear Maxine,

I can't thank you enough for the Herculean task you performed editing my latest novel. I now understand the need for a story editor. I gladly recommend any prospective author to first use your services before submitting a manuscript. It is well worth the time and the energy to seek your assistance and advice. I am proud to know you are there for me whenever I am ready to publish.


Baba Evans,
author of "Choice of a Lifetime" and "The Pastor's Letter." (Baba was the first customer of Maxine Thompson's Literary Service. We have just completed his third novel, Who's Watching While the Village Sleeps. In February 2003, the Pastor's Letter is the Book of the Month for


I feel very privileged to have been one of the first clients to employ your literary service. Although you were professional and thorough, you were also very real. Even the telephone chats were filled with a multitude of knowledge and facts that I'd never even thought of. And that's the part that was most appreciated. I believe any author, new or old, would greatly benefit from all your no-nonsense expertise.

Annetta P. Lee
Author of A Bitter Rose
ISBN #: 1-881524-74-4

(Annetta was the second customer of Maxine Thompson's Literary Services. She now has a book deal with Genesis Press for her second book, Fragment in the Sand.")


In 1989 I penned the first few words of what is now my first novel. After its inception, I fought myself time and time again to keep my manuscript in its embryonic state even shelving my work when it began to act too mature for my liking. On several occasions I had the wherewithal to ask for advice from a few learned individuals whom, I presumed, would tell me to maintain my manuscript in its pre-developed stage until I received a message from the stars to continue. That did not happen. Instead, through gentle cajoling from our friend, Dr. Rosie Milligan, I was steered to you for Story Editing of my manuscript. That turned out to be the beginning of my education into what it takes to write a sellable novel.

Through your patient tutelage, I was able to proudly "birth" my baby. It was difficult for me at first but, looking back on that glorious birth, I can't imagine why I waited so long.

You have my most sincere thanks for your timely, accurate, and critical insight in showing me the fundamentals of becoming a successful writer and helping me bring my dream to reality. You saw the potential in my manuscript and showed me how to increase its harmony and readability. That was a difficult but extremely necessary lesson to learn. It has been a privilege working with someone of your caliber.

I look forward to working with you on my next novel.

Your friend and student,

Richard Brown, Jr.
Author, "Soup City Blues"
Published 3-24-01

"As a self-published author, cooperative advertising is the ONLY way to survive. Exposure on as many web sites as possible helps get the word out. Maxine Thompson's platform is informative and resourceful! Thank you!!!"

In the Spirit,
The Ebony Lady with the Satin Touch

Note: Ebony Satin AKA Parry Brown, author of Blackboard Bestselling Novel, The Shirt Off His Back, was one of the first interviews done on On The Same Page in March, 1999. Her book has been on Essence's Blackboard Bestseller's list since September, 1999. Parry Brown was picked up by Random House in January 2000 and given a two-book deal.

Dr. Lee Meadows, Radio Host of Book Beat WPON from Detroit, and Author of Silent Conspiracy: "Maxine Thompson's review of my novel, Silent Conspiracy, covers areas most readers don't think about. I was very satisfied with her review of my book."

Book Review: Silent Conspiracy by Lee Meadows

Testimonial for HUSH SECRETS OF WRITING FICTION THAT SELLS Boy, I was a little stumped here coming up on the end of Cloning. I needed some guidance here. Rather
than call you, I opened my writing textbook "The Hush Hush Secrets of Writing Fiction That Sells." Thank you so much for this guide. I referred to Chapter 6-Plot development and Chapter 25." This will bail me out of my hole. I can go back and crank it up. Right now, I'm writing the end, but it is so dependent on the structure of the entire book, I was at a loss. Looking at these chapters tell me I have a lot of work to do, but I have a great tool.


Stand by.
All I need now is a little more time.

Monica Payton, author of Black Deception, Released December 2002

Omar Tyree, (of Flyy Girl, Single Mom fame), author of new release, Sweet St. Louis: "Your review of "Sweet St. Louis" makes me say . . . "WOW!" and thanks for your intelligent insight instead of just telling me that I know how to move a story, because I've been there and done that already."
Dominique Grovesnor, author of bestselling novel, Sometimes I Cry (formatted by my company, Black Butterfly Press): "Thanks for being there at the birth of my baby." (Picked up by BET books.)
Anfra, Author/Poet/Speaker,YAMS FOUNDER:

"Maxine, thanks for your wonderful insight for the backcover of You Are My Sister. You summarized the heart and soul of the book in a few short paragraphs that will draw readers into it. God bless and remember You Are My Sister."

You Are My Sister By Anfra

Bernadene High Coleman, Author of MAMA ROSE: "Maxine Thompson's interviews and book reviews are a great service to writers and provides us with extra special insights and ideas. I am grateful for your media articles and for the astute handling of my back cover."
Kimile Aczon, author of "BJ" A Supernatural Suspense Novel: "When my interview was featured at On The Same Page, my book sales increased dramatically. Maxine asks insightful questions that really give you an idea of who the writer is behind the book."
Thrill to the macabre

Vickie Marie Oliver Lawson, poet and author of Moments with the Almighty One: "It seems everything for me on the Internet has taken off since YOUR article."

Pamela Guinn, author of Tangled Web, Founder of Imagine Production.

"Maxine Thompson's' Editorial and Critiquing Services are excellent!

I've read the other comments on Maxine Thompson's editorial and critiquing services, and I agree with the other authors; becoming a published author is like giving birth to a baby, and Maxine is the midwife. Her expertise in English and her natural knack for discovery made my rewrites so much easier. She knows just the right way to help the writers' story to flow. Her critique helped me to look at my novel from the reader's point of view which can sometimes be tricky. Everything she touches turns to gold so I'm going to sit back and wait on my harvest. I look forward to working with Maxine on my next novel."

"It was good hearing from you, Sisterfriend. I'm coming back and stronger than ever. Can't do anything else since I am held aloft by so much care by all my grand sisters like yourself.

Rev V.

Victoria Lee-Owens' Secrets In the Soul: One Woman's Courage to Change is a compelling novel of self-destruction and rebirth. When addiction and misery bring the heroine to her lowest ebb, love occurs allowing her to see things as they truly are and make that change for the better. Secrets in the Soul is a spellbinding journey through the darkness of the soul, to the kindled light of hope. $19.69 includes tax, S&H. Make checks out to "Lee-Owens Publishing" and mail to same at P.O. Box 43991, L.A., CA 90043 -

** James A. Cox, Editor, The Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI or

Christie Douglas (Author-Ecstacy)

The writer's seminar was an awesome, earthshaking experience. I improved with many of my technical difficulties in Point of View, details, and descriptions. This next book is going to see many changes- thanks to the positive feedback and comradeship of the class. I would recommend it to any writer who desires to be successful anywhere!

Monica's tips: Now that the class is over: Continue learning about the craft of writing. Pick up new tips every week and try them out Use a good reference book: My book for the month is Story (by Robert McKee.) Read, Read, Read!

Our writing class has made a monumental difference in my writing. I feel that before I started, I wanted to be a writer, now I have the tools to become a better writer. If I write a novel worth purchasing, the credit to Mrs. Maxine Thompson an excellent teacher and editor, and Dr. Rosie Milligan an out standing leader, publisher and inspirator.

Anette, the class was on a college level, I kid you not! It was worth every second. We are going to have a field trip and form a writing group. I also met new people I hope to stay in touch with. I am so hooked up and addicted! I can't wait to learn more about how to write. Let's see where I'll be in one year!

Hope you can get something from my notes. One of the best things was actually doing the assignment even if you think it's stupid and you don't want to waste time, do it anyway, you'll be surprise what you get from it.


Forever Regina is: In My Wildest Dream Visit: For Excerpts from the book: Black Deception Coming soon in print to a book store near you. Maxine,

I am sending this email to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed your writing class this summer. I can hardly wait until the next session in September.

I learned so much about the "craft" of writing. What it really means to be a "writer." I learned that there is more to writing than just putting words on a piece of paper. All of my life I have been a great reader. I love to read. So, I always approached a book from a reader's perspective, now, I can look at a story from a writer's point of view.

Your flawless teaching technique taught me the structure of a story. How it is built from the bottom up. I understand why writers are called "artists." Just like a painter a writer takes the canvas of blank sheet of paper and, depending on the level of skill, (which is why I would advise anyone want to write to take your class) can paint word pictures that are so clear you can actually see what is happening. I learned that writing is like molding a lump of clay into a beautiful work of art.

Your teachings brought so much clarity to my own writing. Such as knowing how to present the protagonist vs the antagonist, conflict and resolution, plots and settings. These teaching showed me how to put depth and realism in a book, even a book of fiction.

I thoroughly enjoyed the way you allowed your students to bring books they were working on to class and each week we discussed parts of these books in progress, thus helping ourselves as well as the authors.

Again I look forward to upcoming classes, books, videos and tapes on these teachings.

Anna Rogers, Aspiring writer

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