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Maxine Thompson's
Past Appearances


April 1999
Book Expo of America

Los Angeles, California
(Author Table)

June 19-25, 1999
Methodist National Convention Conference

Los Angeles, California
(Author Table)

November 1999
Los Angeles County Library

Self-Publishing Workshop

February 2000
Author's Study Club

Black History Month

March 2000
Black Writers on Tour

Conducted Seminar E-Book Publishing

March 2000
Featured in Los Angeles Times Our Times-
Blacks on the Internet

August 2000
International Black Writers Conference

Self-Publishing Workshop

August 2000
Black Journalist Conference

Phoenix, Arizona

July, August 2000 Issue

Featured under Self-Publishing Column
by Victoria Christopher Murray
Black Issues Book Review Magazine

September 10, 2000

Book Signed at opening of in Houston, TX

October 21, 2000

Guest Speaker at the Geneaology Society, Los Angeles

October 23, 2000

The Texas Good Book Club Cruise to
CanCun and Cozmel, Mexico
Conducted ebook Publishing Workshop

January 2001

Black Women's Circle Book Club, Inglewood, CA

February 13, 2001

Pan African Self-Publishing Panel, L.A, CA

February 16, 2001

USC, Los Angeles, CA Author's Study Club:
Black History Author Presenter

March 24, 25, 2001

Family Secrets and Forgiveness Workshop,
Los Angeles, CA

Faciliator/Guest Speaker

March 29, 2001

Featured in Inland Valley Newspaper,
San Bernadino, CA for Women's Month

April 1, 2001
Mayfair High, Lakewood, California
Guest Speaker 1:00 PM

April 1, 2001
Featured in Black Enterprise Magazine under TechWatch

April 7, 8, 2001
Charlotte, North Carolina
Sister's Convention

April 14, 2001
Black Writers on Tour, Los Angeles, CA
(Self-Publishing Co-Facilitator with Dr. Rosie Milligan
and Fiction Workshop Facilitator)

April 21, 2001
Reading Group of Sisters and Friends Book Club
in Rancho Cucomonga, CA

April 26, 2001
Self-Publishing Workshop Fiction Workshop,
Milligan Books, 1425 W. Manchester Blvd., LA, CA (323)750-3592

April 28, 2001
April 28, 29, 2001
LA Times Book Festival

May 10, 2001
Fiction Workshop, Milligan Books, Part II,

May 31-June 3, 2001
Chicago, Illinois Book Expo of America
Booth Space #SP18 FIG Publishing and Black Butterfly Press

June 16, 2001
Imani Festival, Sodus, New York:
Self-Publishing Workshop Facilitator

July 10, 2001
Self-Publishing Workshop, Milligan Books, L.A., CA

July 2001
Featured in audience on BET Cable Show:
Oh Drama

July 10, 2001
Self-Publishing Workshop, Milligan Books, L.A., CA

August 4, 2001
Black Writers Reunion & Conference: Dallas, Texas
ePublishing Workshop Facilitator

September 13, 2001
Life Part II, Featuring Depak Chopra,
San Diego, CA
Workshop Facilitator: Creating A Life You Love
in Life Part II (Cancelled due to 9-11)

March 05, 2002
Began Hosting Internet Radio Show
On The Same Page on

March 22, 20002
Speaker at Compton College for Women's month.

April 13, 2002
Panel participant Black Writers on Tour
Los Angeles, CA.

Workshop Facilitator for How To Write Fiction!

April 27, 2002
Author Participant Community Book Festival
Saturday Breakfast Roundtable
Farmers Restaurant< Inglewood, CA

April 27, 2002
LA Times Book Festival, UCLA, LA, CA

April Issue
Featured in Spring Issue of Iris:
a Journal about women's Emerging Voices,
University of Virginia,
P.O. Box 800588, Charlottesville, VA 22908. :
Article: "Cool Women to Watch For."

May 1, 2002
Book Expo America, New York

May 4, 2002
Published Book Reviews on Lynching featured
in International Paper,
The Final Call

May 20, 2002
Teaching a six-week course on
"How To Write a Bestselling Novel"
at Milligan Books,
1425 W. Manchester Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90047.

June 4, 2002
Interviewed on Tom Pope Radio Show;
broadcast in 8 cities, including hometown Detroit, MI.

July 9, 2002
--Interviewed on KJLH,
Stevie Wonder Station, 102.3
in Inglewood, CA
re: upcoming Single Parent Conference

July 13, 2002
Presenter at First Annual Single Parent Conference
in Los Angeles, at the Crown Plaza Hotel, with Dr. Rosie Milligan,
Mother Love, Doctor Ernie Smith, and Dr. Richard King.

August 21, 2002
Cofacilitator on KJLH radio station,
102.3 F.M. with author, Delphia Rowe. "Black Sheep Talking"

August 30, 2002
African American Market Place,
Los Angeles, CA at USC

September 6, 2002
Black Business Expo Convention, Los Angeles, CA
(Author Table)

September 19, 2002
Interviewed on Round2it Radio Show,Indiana
with Delores Thornton at 7:00 p.m.Central Time

September 28, 2002
Presenter at Baltimore Annual Book Festival with
Sibanye Bookstore/ Robin Greene. Workshop:

"How To Write Compelling Fiction" 1

October 2002
Recycling Black Dollars Business Conference


October 23, 2002
Co-hosting on Cable TV
with Dr. Rosie Milligan-"Express Yourself Literary Cafe"

October 31, 2002
Featured on Cable TV
with Dream's World,
in Los Angeles, California

November 01, 2002
Article, "The Coldest Winters of our Lives"
featured on

November 15, 2002
Featured on Rob Nelson show
(in the audience:) Interracial Marriages

December 1, 2002
Panel Member on the Black Library Caucus
Scholarship Dinner
Los Angeles, California

December 3, 2002
Featured on Cable TV
with Dream's World

March 2003
Women's Month-Panel-Speaker

Compton College
Compton, California

March 30, 2003
Mark Victor Hansen's

Mega Book University
Los Angeles, California

May 1, 2003
Guest on Dr. Jeff Gardere's

Radio Show (New York) at 8 p.m. Eastern Time

June 2, 2003
Book Expo of America

Los Angeles, California
(Author Table)

June 6, 2003
Guest on Tom Pope's Radio Show

12:00 p.m. Eastern Time out of Washington DC

August 2, 2003
First National Book Club Conference

Atlanta, Georgia
(Writer's Workshop Conductor)

October 8, 2003
Small Business Summit Conference

San Francisco, California

October 2003
Mark Victor Hansen's

Mega Speaking Conference

October 30, 2003
Jack N' Jill Conference

Young Teen Cheetah Girls'
Workshop and Presenter
San Diego State University

January 6, 2004
Negro Council of Women

Los Angeles, California
(Author Table)

February 28, 29, 2004
February Black Book Festival

Los Angeles, CA
(Author Table)

April 26, 2004
Black Writers on Tour

Los Angeles, California
Breakfast Roundtable Moderator
Conducted 2 Writing Workshops

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