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Maxine Thompson's Literary Agency has been in business since 2003 and has acted as a bridge for assisting underrepresented writers in getting their books out to the public. The way Thompson, an editor of hundreds of top-selling African American novels, has negotiated over over 70 book deals in the past three years has been a tour de force. Through a creative approach which used "outside of the box" thinking, she has made use of Internet radio show platforms since March 2002 to make contacts with publishers, to promote writers, and to build lasting relationships. Thompson's Literary Agency is making its mark in the literary and publishing fields by opening doors once closed to African American writers, thus bringing new emerging writers with intriguing story lines and characters with depth and texture with her.

Contact information: (323)242-9917 or email:

Maxine Thompson Literary Services began editing for authors in 1999. Since that time many of the authors she worked with have become either New York Times Best-selling authors, Essence Best-Selling authors, or Amazon Bestselling authors. Many were first-time authors.

Have you ever said that you would like to write a book, but at the same time, you are hiding your unpublished works in a closet? Or, better yet, you have 3 books still sitting in your computer.

Do you know where to start? Do you know all the nuts and bolts that publishing your book involves?

Well, to get your book from manuscript to finished product, you have to go through a process. This process is like a journey. A safari, so to speak. In essence, you are on a safari from bondage in literary darkness to the freedom found in the light of publication.

In self-publishing, you own the book and you are the publisher. You retain all rights to the fruits of your creativity.

For unpublished writers, Maxine Thompsonís Literary Services can provide you with guidance on this journey. We offer the following services:

* Assistance with publishing your ebooks on Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, etc.
* Assistance with Print on Demand printing
* Content Editing
* Screen Writing Projects
* Play writing Assistance
* Typesetting/Formatting
* Critiquing
* Line-editing
* Proof reading
* Soliciting printer's quotations
* Advertising and publicity on Artist First Radio Show
* Obtaining copyright, ISBN (International Standard Book Number) bar code
* Typesetting
* Packaging
* Consultation
* Internet Marketing

For self-published writers, Maxine Thompson's Literary Services can provide:

* Obtaining the services of a professional graphic artist. An attractive, well-designed cover is essential to successfully market a book.
* Development of back covers
* Ghostwriting projects * Internet Promotion
* Book reviews
* Scintillating press releases
* Articles

We will work with:
* Fictional Books
* Non-Fictional books
* Short Story Collections
* Memoirs or Autobiographies

*Offers Writing Classes
*Individual or Group basis on-line or off-line.

Contact Dr. Maxine E. Thompson at for further information.

Most recent Book Deals:

Book Deals: Shelia Goss: Congratulations on 15th book deal!

1-22-13 Congratulations on Being in the top 100 Best Sellers on Black Expressions for novel, Montana's Way.

10-1-11 Two Young Adult book deals as Sparkle under Wahida Clark Presents. First Book, Sade's Secret, dropped on 5-25-12. 3-28-11 Two book Young Adult Deal, first novel, Secrets Untold, continuation of Lip Gloss Chronicles.

7-5-10, Shelia Goss -4 book deal, 2 Urban Renaissance Books, Savannah's Curse (Mystery) 2 Urban Christian Book Deals. Urban Christian novel, Delilah, has been a bestseller on Black Expressions since its December 29, 2010 release.

Shelia Goss, National Best-Selling Author of DOUBLE PLATINUM, My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true and Paige's Web
Shelia Goss
now has 2 Book deals for fifth novel, My invisible Wife and Hollywood Deception.

12-1-08 Contract for three young adult titles, part of the Lip Gloss Chronicles

Shelia Goss is the author of the Bestselling/Award-winning Young Adult Lip Gloss Chronicles. The series was voted a top Young Adult Series for the decade.

Shelia Goss has new book deal for Delilah, and an upcoming suspense novel, Savannah's Curse.

01-22-13-N'ytse has 2 new upcoming book deals with Strebor Books. Twisted Seduction, her first book deal is in the top 100 Bestsellers on Black Expressions and has been since its release: First deal with Strebor Books/Simon and Schuster 1-31-11.

Suzetta Perkins: Most Recent Book deal Strebor/Atria 4/12 Contract for In my Rear View Mirror.

Congratulations on Book #7.

3-15-11 for At the end of the Day:

Book Deals: Suzetta Perkins, Deja Vu, Behind the Veil, A Love So Deep,(Black Expressions Book Club Choice), X-Terminator, Suzetta Perkins

Most recent Book deal: 4-1-11 Book Deal with Simon Schuster/Strebor: At the End of the Day

Book deal: 5-1-09 for Sequel, Nothing Stays the Same

Black Expression Choice

Book deal: 7-9-10 for Novel, Betrayal

Fiction Book Reviews: 6/15/2009

Reviews of New Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction and Comics

-- Publishers Weekly, 6/15/2009

Deja Vu Suzetta Perkins. Atria/Strebor, $15 paper (384p) ISBN 978-1-59309-259-7

In this follow-up to Behind the Veil, Perkins continues the sordid, suspenseful tale of heroine Angelica Barnes. Five years after we last saw her, Angelica has just been released from prison, her reward for getting mixed up in ex-boyfriend Robert Santiago's illegal activities. Angelica returns to Fayetteville, N.C., but desperate for a change, moves to New York to stay with a distant cousin-in-law; before long, however, she runs into Santiago and finds not only that she can't escape her past, but that she's drawn her loved ones into a dangerous situation. An enjoyable, sexy thriller, this sequel doesn't require familiarity with the first volume to follow or enjoy. (Aug.)

Tracie Loveless-Hill, Author of Escape from the Garden of Eden, has book deal with Neveah Publishing 11-23-10 due out November 2011.

Catherine Flowers, 1 book deal for Yesterday's Eyes with Urban Christian; Due out 11-12. Congratulatins on being the Alternate Choice on Black Expressions

Yvonne Medley, 2 book deal for God In Wing Tip Shoes, and Untitled with Urban Christian

Book Deals: Michelle McGriff, Secret Lovers, (Black Expressions' Choice, Best seller), Obsession 101, Feels Like Falling, Never Knew Love Like This Before,(Black Expressions Book Club Selection, # 13 Amazon bestseller in romance/anthology), Colored Summer, (Black Expression Book Club Selection and Bestseller) et. al. Last Breath, Blood Relations, Swerve, Upcoming Accident Prone Michelle McGriff
(Total: 15 book deals). Look for upcoming West End Girls series, and for Blood Relations.

Book Deals: Lena Scott: O.G., West End Girl 1, West End Girl 2, Upcoming West End Girl 3,

Rosalyn McMillan, hard back book deal Urban Renaissance, April 2010. Book released 1-25-11. Rosalyn McMillan, Novel, We Ain't the Brontes, came February 2011. In Top 100 on Black Expressions.

Brian W. Smith, Author of Nina's Got a Secret, deal with Strebor Books/Simon and Schuster 4-12-11:Book due out June 2012.

N'Tyse, author of upcoming Twisted Seduction, deal with Strebor Books/Simon and Schuster 1-31-11.

October 1, 2009--Rena Finney, two book deal, Seasons of Change and Playing the Odds. (Picked up by Black Expressions due out March 29, 2011.) Her latest book, A Worthy Love, has been picked up as a Black Expressions Book Club Selection.

Book Deals: Kimani Kinyua: The Brotherhood of Man, Kimani Kinyua

Book Deals: Alex Tyson, Compton Chick, (consistently in Amazon's top 100 multicultural novels) Blood Bond.

Book Deals: Monica Carter, Sacrifice the One-(Two Book Deal; Option Third) Amazon bestseller: #17 in literature/fiction United States and #18 in literature/fiction African American, New Novel, Scandalous Truth, is a Black Expressions Choice.

Book Deal: Denise Campbell, Never Knew Love Like This. (Anthology; Black Expressions Book Club Selection).

Book Deals: Kaira Denee, Take It There, (Black Expressions Choice) (Two Book Deal)

Book Deals: Leola Charles, 2 book deal, (Hussey Place)

Book Deals: Roslyn Wyche-Hamilton, 2 Book Deal, (Finding Joy in Pain1, 2) (Top 100 on Black Expressions' Book Club

Book Deals: Charlene Green, 2 book deal, (One Man's Treasure)(Bestseller on Amazon Top 100 multicultural romance novel

Book Deal: Debra Phillips, One Book Deal: Love Trumps Game

Book Review in Library Journal

Phillips, D.Y. Love Trumps Game. Strebor: S. & S. (Strebor on the Streetz).

Jul. 2009. 272p. ISBN 978-1-59309-270-2. pap. $13. F When Gangster Topps Jackson storms into Hattie Sims's house, demanding that she give up her grandchildren (his kids), a good vs. evil theme is quickly established. Young Brandon and Raynita become pawns between Topps, his baby mama Neema, and Hattie. Neema thrives on the fast life, fueled by lines of coke, and often disappears for days, while Hattie shoulders the duty of holding the family together. But she might not be powerful enough to hold off a brutal psycho.

Verdict: Phillips (Too Much Drama) offers a new twist in her latest street lit tale, contrasting the brutality of the drug game with the power of family ties as a grandmother tries to hold her family together. But don't mistake this title for Family Channel drivel. Phillips has the street lit chops to thrust readers into a deadly payback after an LA drug lord is challenged. Her storytelling skills will attract a wide range of readers.

Found at Library Journal

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