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By Maxine E. Thompson

When Imani Shepherd, a world-traveled journalist, tries to find out about her family tree through interviewing her elderly parents on video, she runs into a brick wall of half-truths, evasions, and shame. Instead of the truth, Imani finds a family consumed with keeping hidden their dirty little secrets. This novel is an example of Black women who struggle to find themselves by connecting pieces of their cultural puzzle.
By Maxine E. Thompson

No Pockets In A Shroud unfolds like a Chinese box-a story within a story-with a labyrinth of devastating family secrets and taboos. This is a novel of two brothers in love with the same woman. As the generations progress, secrets which have been buried begin to unfold and lives are destroyed. No Pockets In A Shroud is a page-turner that shows that secrets can make you sick!


By Maxine E. Thompson

The search is universal and ageless. Readers from all walks of life will be able to identify with A PLACE CALLED HOME. This collection of short stories explores what it means to be part of the African Diaspora in America. Each character, despite different life experiences, suffers from a profound sense of alienation. Each is searching for that elusive place called "home."

While the stories are different from one another, they have the common thread of each person's search for his identiy -- his place in this world.


The Hush Hush Secrets
Of Writing Fiction That Sells

By Maxine E. Thompson

The Hush Hush Secrets of Writing Fiction That Sells is a hands-on guide to help writers learn the craft of creating stories. Various writing practices and exercises will help you write a breakout work that stands above the crowd.


Saturday Morning
By Maxine E. Thompson

Short Story/Poetry Collection

Some stories are timeless such as the treasure troves found within the covers of this anthology, Saturday Morning. An elderly woman contemplating suicide. A sensitive black boy's coming of age in the deep South in the 1930's. A family coming to terms with a long-absent father. Poetry with a social and political bite. Bittersweet reminisces of life in Trinidad. An exploration of the dilemmas of African American identity.

These are only a few of the many often moving and complex works in this first anthology from the Saturday Morning Literary Workshop, where emerging and seasoned writers help develop each other's creative skills through shared critique. This collection represents the voices of fiction and non-fiction writers, playwrights, poets and essayists who capture the new spirit of contemporary black writing.

Saturday Morning showcases the innovative and sometimes controversial nature of this spirit, while providing an insightful and delicious read. The perfect book to savor with a hot cup of coffee or tea, on a leisurely Saturday morning. Enjoy.


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