The Need for Nonfiction and Christian Writings
by African American Writers

It is no secret that since 9-11, the need for nonfiction, particularly of the Christian variety, has increased. As Americans, our smug assumptions about our national security have been shipwrecked forever. More and more, people are searching for answers to the meaning of life. Even persons who once worshiped the almighty dollar, have found a greater need to feel a spiritual connection to their creator. In addition, people are also looking for ways to survive since the ripple effect of downsizing that 9-11 has wreaked on the economy.

Like every aspect of American life, the book business has been affected. The industry is tighter to break into, but is it impossible?

According to nonfiction author, Marc McCutcheon, author of Damn! Why Didn't I write that? How Ordinary People are Raking in $100,000... or more Writing Nonfiction Books and How You Can Too! did you know, of the 50,000-plus books published every year, only about 3,500 are novels including genre titles. The other 46,500 are nonfiction titles.

What does this mean? This means that as an African American novelist or aspiring writer, you can make a regular paycheck from writing nonfiction as well. This means you can receive royalties year after year for books that provide information since we live in an information-driven society. This can also lead to a lucrative career as a speaker, a workshop conductor, or a freelance writer.

Self-publishing is one route to consider, but traditional publishers are always looking for how to guides, self-help tomes, cook books, chronicles, health guides, manuals, histories, travelogues, memoirs as to how people over came adversities, and how to guides for making more money.

These are a few Christian nonfiction and self-help books by African American writers that I have found especially uplifting, informative, encouraging, and insightful.

Back From Sanity's Edge (Trusting God Through the Pain)
by Denise A. Smith-Christian Non-fiction

From MisEducation to Incarceration by Dr. Donald Evans

New Leadership Into The 21st Century
by Yahya IBBN Shabazz

You Are My Sisters: Words of Wisdom for Conscious Living
by Anfra Boyd

Grip The Rope, Prayers for Single Moms by Carla J. Curtis

An Unconventional View by Linsey Savage
(A 9 year survivor of full-blown AIDS)

I Will Not Apologize (Uncompromising Solution to Black America's Dilemma in the 21st Century)
by Attorney Joe C. Hopkins
Publisher of the Pasadena/ San Gabriel Valley Newspaper.

Four Pillars to Successful Marriages by     John Chukwuemeka

The Failure of Public Education in the Black Community
by Dr. Anyim Palmer

Catering and Party Planning by Stacy White

Healing Our Village: A Self-Care Guide to Diabetes Control   by    Lenore T. Coleman, Pharm.D. CDE,
and  James R. Gavin, III, M.D., Ph.D.

Blackonomics by James Clingman

Black-o-Knowledge by James Clingman

Dirty Little Secrets by Dr. Claude Anderson

Powernomics by Dr. Claude Anderson

Black Labor, White Wealth- by Dr. Claude Anderson

So writers, this is a wide-open field which might land you a 6 figure book deal. Get busy!

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