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New Anthology, Never Knew Love Like This Before listed on Tom Joyner's website:
Topic: Dating while Divorcing

"My debut online interview on the Dr. Maxine Thompson Show gave the book, Literary Divas Most Admired, its first on-line Internet Radio presence. The entire world heard about the literary divas.

"Maxine Thompson is a quintessential literary diva of our times. "May the celebration begin. Thank you for your guidance."

Heather Covington, Author of Literary Diva's: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature. (Tell a Friend to pick up a copy)

"SECRET LOVERS is the surprise anthology hit of the year. It is well-crafted, well written, and entertaining. It is one of the most enlightening experiences you will ever read.

"Dr. Maxine Thompson has outdone herself this time. Read SECRET LOVERS. You won't regret it."

Heather Covington, Heather Covington

Owner of Disilgold

"SECRET LOVERS: Younity Guild New Romance Anthology of the Year Award. (2006)"

(See What Readers Are Saying About SECRET LOVERS)

Very enjoyable stories, July 20, 2006 Reviewer: Evelyn (Southern California) -

I am sure Dr. Maxine Thompson has been told numerous times that she is truly gifted with the capability of going deeply in the soul of her characters as she did with Caprianna.

I have medical & psych background and this story is soo believable and fulfilling, but yet, I hated for it to end.

Patricia Phillips is one of my favorite authors. She's won me over even more with this story. A very wholesome and entertaining read.

Michelle McGriff is very talented. A good story as she addressed very important issues through her characters. A realistic and enjoyable read for everyone.

Nice Blend, July 18, 2006

Reviewer: Auntie 'nem (Southern Cali) -

The writing styles of the three authors in this book were very different.

Patricia Ann Phillips style was interesting. I have no idea there would be such a twist. When the synopsis said there was a secret life on the part of Byron I expected it to be a certain thing and it was not. The story had some nice twists to it.

Maxine Thompson's first person was different too. Sometimes the first person narrative can give you an insight to a character you didn't realize before. Capri did surprise me when she left the house the way she did. I didn't see that coming. It kept the book interesting by not going in a straight line.

Michelle McGriff's was surprisingly good. I didn't think I would enjoy reading about kids and their issues, but the story is more than that and so by the time I was done, I felt as if I had been personally exposed.

The book is a good read and I recommnend it. Out of the three writers you are sure to find one you enjoy, if not all three.

Maxine Thompson has such an extraordinary ability to describe her characters so that the readers feel that they know them well. The visualizations I got when I read her story "Second Chances" in "Secret Lovers" and the emotions that I could relate to were extraordinary. (I did shed a few tears.)

I particularly liked how Maxine Thompson showed that the lead female character, Caprianna, was leading an inauthentic life before tragedy struck her life. Ironically, in spite of, or perhaps because of, this disaster, she winds up finding purpose and love, after she has gone through the unthinkable.

I think the book will touch many people. Thank you for this beautiful literary endeavor.

Tacy Trump, Executive Producer,

Thanks to Maxine Thompson. I could not have done this book without your help. Good luck in all you do. Carl Weber ~ The Preacher's Son

Note: The Preacher's Son hit the New York Times Bestseller in March, 2005. Congratulations, Carl!

(Thanks to) Maxine Thompson for making me feel so special on your radio shows.
Bestselling author, Mary Monroe

Latest book, ~ In Sheep's Clothing.