Black Butterfly Press
is honored to interview
editor, writer, John Weaver
who is the creator of the award-winning web ezine and newsletter,

M.T.: What gave you the idea for "" What was your experience as an editor, webmaster prior to the development of your web e-zine?

J.W.: "I was a contributor to another online literary newsletter and I suggested a few ideas (which now make up Page One's content) that the editor didn't think fit his format. I really believed there were writers out there like me who wanted the same thing (interviews, quotes etc...) so I pieced together these ideas into the first Page One newsletter (over two years ago) . I had no experience as an editor except for editing personal work and little web experience. I've learned a lot fast."

M.T.: When did you start Pageonelit and your newsletter?

J.W.: "The first newsletter was published a little over two years ago. Back then I was doing author profiles which evolved into interviews. A website followed but this past year, my wife and I, registered with the Internet and produced a new look. It's been a lot of fun but does take up a lot of time. I'm always coming up with new ideas such as the new Fan/Photo page where people can submit a photo with one of their favorite writers. Just this past month, novelist William Hazelgrove (Mica Highways & Tobacco Sticks) called asking if Page One would like for him to write an ongoing essay from the attic of Ernest Hemmingway's childhood home. Hazelgrove writes his novels from there anyway and now we have his column "The View from Hemingway's Attic."

M.T.: Tell us about your awards for

J.W.: "Page One has won over 17 Internet awards including a selection by Writer's Digest in their May 1999 issue as one of the best 101 sites on the Internet for writers."

M.T.: Is your focus on fiction or non-fiction writers?

J.W.: "The focus is on fiction but there is a big interest in "writing-how-to's."

M.T.: Why do you like to concentrate on opening lines of book? What is the significance to Pageonelit? (I love this part of your newsletter).

J.W.: "Novel Beginnings was one of those ideas I tried to get the other newsletter to add to their format but they were not interested. Ironically, it's been a favorite item in the newsletter. I think the opening lines of books are interesting and very important. This is the writer's first chance to hook the reader. If he fails you might not read the rest."

M.T.: Do you aspire to write and are you at work on a book, or have you finished one?

J.W.: "Yes, I'm a writer first and a web/newsletter editor second. I've been banging away at the keyboard for a little over seven years. I started with short stories and moved on to the killer whale (the novel). I have a completed manuscript, which has made the rounds, and I write a weekly-syndicated sports column called 'The Score.' If I was not a writer, Page One would never have happened."

M.T.: What do you like to see in writing? Do you prefer literary fiction to popular fiction? Who are your favorite writers?

J.W.: "I like odd/kooky but believable characters whose world is suddenly turned upside down. I'm partial to mystery, suspense and historical fiction. Favorite writers would include John Steinbeck, Carl Hiaasen, Flannery O'Connor, Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett. Two new books that have recently grabbed my attention are PLAINSONG by Kent Haruf (just nominated for Book of the Year and an upcoming Page One interview) and AHAB's WIFE by Sena Jeter Naslund."

M.T.: What is the mission statement for Pageonelit? Are you only on the Internet or are you also offline?

J.W.: "Page One is an Internet only publication and as for a mission statement? Our motto is "Every Book begins with page one." Whether your going to read a book or write a book, you've got to start with the first page and if Page One added a little inspiration to get you that far then we have done our job and the rest is up to you."

M.T.: How does assist writers? Are you amenable to interviewing self-published literary entrepreneurs?

J.W.: "Page One promotes writers and their published works. We interview independently published authors along with the mainstream bestsellers. It proves to be a successful, informative and intuitive mix."

M.T.: How could writers from On The Same Page go about contacting you for an interview? How do you think the Internet helps writers?

J.W.: "My email is --- We do require a copy of the author's book for review before we can ask anything about it. As far as the Internet goes, it's a whole different world now than it was five years ago. The Internet has leveled the playing field for everyone. Grab hold and hold on."

M.T.: John Weaver, thank you for this informative interview. On The Same Page writers, here's your chance to reach a larger audience. Please visit his web e-zine at Page One