Jewel Diamond Taylor

Mission Statement for On The Same Page

On The Same Page is a column to inspire and motivate writers to take control of their literary destinies.  A Buddhist saying goes: "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Renown motivational speaker/author Jewel Diamond Taylor was the first beacon of light on my spiritual path.  Her words changed my life. To paraphrase them, Jewel Diamond Taylor said, "If you want to write a book, just do it."  Three simple words.  "JUST DO IT!" Today On The Same Page is honored to interview Jewel Diamond Taylor!

M.T.:   I've said it before, but I'd like to say that hearing you speak at a writers conference in 1994, then going to one of your "New Year Goal Setting Workshops" in January, 1995 motivated me to finish my first novel at the end of 1995. What do you see as your mission as a motivational speaker/writer?

J.D.T.: Thank you. I thank the Lord every day for the opportunity to be a voice and a vessel to pour out some encouragement and refreshment. I have been teaching my Goal Setting Workshop every January for 15 years. My vision, purpose, focus, intention and joy is to wake up the sleeping giant in a person. My lectures, books and events help people realize their own power and possibilities. I get excited when people realize that no one is blocking their blessing. When they realize they are their own enemy or their own motivator, they begin to see results. My mission is to help people recognize and use their personal power, prayer and inner strength to endure and enjoy life. As Mother Theresa said, "We are not born to be successful, but faithful." Many people are not faithful to their God-given potential, skills, dreams and anointing. Success is the byproduct of being faithful to God, faithful to your inner calling, faithful to your family, faithful to your values, faithful in service to their community and faithful to your dreams and calls. Someone wise taught that, "The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose." My life's purpose is to help people recognize, remember and embrace their life's purpose. They do that first by healing themselves of the inner demons and emotional baggage that limit their lives. As the Self-esteem Dr., my materials, ministry and motivational messages contribute that personal and spiritual journey of healing and living on purpose!

As a motivational speaker, how did you become an author? 

J.D.T.:  My audiences would ask for material to share with their children or mate after hearing me speak. I never thought of myself as an author. Three things motivated me to become an author. First, my audiences encouraged me to put my messages in print. Second, it was a logical business decision to create another stream of income as a speaker. Third, I realized my books could go places that I may never go. They became an extension of my existence.

M.T.: Tell us about how you wrote Success Gems and You Are Too Blessed to Be Stressed? How long did it take to write each book?

J.D.T.: Each of these books were a no-brainer. They simply came from my personal journals and notes from teaching over the years.

M.T.:How does your background as a speaker lend itself to your writing?

J.D.T.: Being on the speaking circuit for over 15 years now gives me credibility. Audiences expect speakers these days to have a book. Even comedians are writing and selling their books. I tell my audiences all the time that "everybody has a story within them." I also teach that reading, writing and speaking are connected. If you read well, it helps you to write well and reading and writing certainly improve your speaking abilities. Of course, all of these skills come with practice, courage, passion and consistency. My writing is not limited to just books now. I also write columns and articles for magazines (JET, Essence, Black Enterprise, Upscale, NiaOnline, Lee Bailey's Urban Report and several newspapers).

M.T.: As a literary entrepreneur, do you have any regrets that you did not sign up with a traditional publisher when they approached you?

J.D.T.: There are pros and cons to both sides of this issue. My profit margin is more because one of my books is self-published. However, there is limited distribution. I think the only reason my books sell so well is because I am an active speaker. My two popular web sites have increased my visibility and sales globally. and Jewel Diamond Taylor 

M.T.:  Tell us about the Circle of Light and how you use it as a tool for book sales?

J.D.T.: Right now my Enlightened Circle is in need of some rejuvenation. In the earlier years, I was able to give more time to the members. Because of my constant traveling, I have not been able to devote as much time to developing my Enlightened Circle. I'm searching for volunteers in various cities to revive this concept.

M.T.:  How has your speaking enhanced your book sales?

J.D.T.:  My speaking engagements are a definite plus in creating sales and exposure. Being an effective speaker and business person means that I learned how to not only teach and inspire but also promote and sell at the podium.

M.T.:  Would you recommend that writers who are not speakers learn this skill as a valuable marketing tool?

J.D.T.:  I've heard many great authors who do not speak well. I have heard many great speakers who have not written a book yet. I always wanted to excel in speaking and teaching. My secondary goal was to be a great author. The market has changed so much now. More people are reading and writing. The industry is very competitive. Professional speaking is a great marketing tool for authors. If an author can overcome the fear of public speaking, is sincere and speaks about what they know, the experience can be rewarding translating into more sales. Speaking and teaching are natural gifts for me. The time to write and promote my books require more effort and energy. So that is where my energy and focus is right now. Yes, I would recommend that authors develop their speaking skills to at least learn how to speak at book signings, libraries, schools and expos to promote their book.

M.T.:  Are you at work on another book?

J.D.T.: I have several books ready. The more I speak and the more I listen to my audiences, the more I learn what they want to read. I'm pregnant right now with several titles and ideas waiting to be born.

M.T.:  What are some of your future projects, if you are at liberty to talk about them? 

J.D.T.:  YES, I'm working on a creating radio and TV opportunities. A chat room discussion group with me on-line will be announced soon. I'm producing my 2nd Annual Mother/Daughter Cruise. Because of popular demand, I will teach a seminar for beginning professional motivational speakers in 2002. I will be going on tour to several major cities across the nation facilitating my "SISTER SATURDAY - Inner-gize ME!" events. I plan to release at least 2 new books in 2002. Pray for me :)

M.T.: I will pray for you. I'm sure you will do it. Last question. Where do you see the future for writers aspiring to get published in the new millennium?

J.D.T.: The market is saturated with books. This is a booming and competitive market. You've got to be tenacious, creative and network. Define your market. Find a need and fill it. Visit the bookstores and see the creativity, radical and unique ideas. Be willing to learn and even fail. Success is learned by trial and error, not trial and success. 

Be willing to self-publish or offer an e-book. Submit articles and columns to magazines and newspapers. Seek mentors, editors, printers and artists. Seek out writing and publishing tools, conferences, expos, authors, web sites, industry journals, classes, etc. Thank you Maxine  for the interview.

M.T.: No, thank you, Jewel, for sharing your talents with the world.