Black Butterfly Press is honored to interview
Dr. Rosie Milligan
Publisher of Milligan Book

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They say that people can come into your life to act as a bridge over a valley, or even a mountain. For many African American writers, who had almost given up hope of ever seeing their literary "babies" see the light of day, Dr. Rosie Milligan who started BLACK WRITERS ON TOUR and owner of Milligan Books in Los Angeles, California, has provided this bridge. At a time when even mid-list white authors are feeling the crunch of the "big celebrity" push in mainstream publishing, it is nearly impossible for new African American writers to break into print. Over the past 2 years, Dr. Rosie Milligan has helped over 50 new writers ride the "freedom train" to publication. The Black Writers on Tour is having its annual Writers' Conference on March 25, 1999. Go to for more information.

Dr. Milligan was named in Essence's Black Board Best Seller's List in the January, 1999 issue for her controversial book, Why Black Men Choose White Women. She is now sharing the wisdom of her experience.

M.T.: Dr. Milligan, what prompted you to write Why Black Men Choose White Women??

D.R.M "I wrote it because this Black/white issue is something we really need to discuss. It has been pushed under the carpet too long and people have been afraid to speak about it. You are always politically wrong to address it."

M.T.: Did you ever consider approaching mainstream publishing with this book?

D.R.M.: "Not for one second. I figured why would you ask someont to invest in a subject that they didn't want to discuss, let alone see written down on paper for the world to see. This has been a hush-hush subject."

M.T.: Since 1990, you have authored 9 books. Since 1997, you have published over 50 authors. When did you know that you had a God-given commission to help other writers?

D.R.M.: "When I heard so many people say that they had approached mainstream publishers and were being turned donwn, I began to see a need. Many of the self-help works were addressing issues, which needed to be both heard and healed by African Americans. Even the fiction was telling stories, which had been hidden too long. Furthermore, I was tired of seeing us as black writers taking the cotton to the gin and someone else reaping the benefits. I was tired of begging someone to do what I could do. That's why I founded BLACK WRITERS ON TOUR and started MILLIGAN BOOKS. God is not prejudiced when it comes to handing out talents. God gave us all 5 senses, and the same 24 hours. It is what we do with them. I think it's a sin to waste your God-given talents."

M.T.: How long did it take to research and write Why Black Men Choose White Women?

D.R.M.: "It took about two years to write this book. Some of the research came from my other books, Satisfying the Black Man Sexually Made Simple and Satisfying the Black Woman Made Simple. I interviewed people from every ethnic group, but my book only deals with the compilation related to African American data."

M.T.: Do you ever worry about the critics attacking your work?

D.R.M.: "Not at all. I am armed with the truth and therefore, dangerous. Everyone before me who has tried to bring African Americans from the dark to the light were attacked or even lost their lives. The thing that makes me go on is what they planted in me, which has lived on in me, and what I will plant in someone else. When the Lord calls me home, I want people to know that I was here. I want to leave a footprint on the sand of time."

M.T.: How did you go about marketing Why Black Men Choose White Women, while you were busy lauching over 50 authors?

D.R.M.: "Throughout the years, I have built relationships. I never enter a person's life to exit. I feel that there are no accidents in life and I am in their life on purpose. I always try to find out what the purpose is. I attract a lot of people who are on a mission like I am and who sense that I am a woman of purpose. I have a sense of urgency to be able to pass something on to the next generation. I don't just work for myself, but for those who are to follow in our paths. Building relationships will be essential in the New Millennium. Because of the relationships I have, I am able to open doors for new writers, which they otherwise, wouldn't have been able to get through. If any writers are interested in more information, they can email me at"

M.T.: Dr. Rosie Milligan, thank you for this inspiring interview. For aspiring writers looking to get published, or for those interested in attending the Black Writers On Tour Conference, please visit her web site at

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