New Writer's Showcase
    Donna Johnson

    This week, On The Same Page will interview Donna Johnson, the author of a children's book, Gavendy: The Little Red Mouse.

    M.T.:. What inspired you to write Gavendy: the Little Red Mouse?

    D.J.: I wanted to be able to relate to children who are different in some kind of way. Also, letting children know how difficult it can be, to be different. Diversity is a issue which should be taught at a young age.

    M.T.: What do you think of the state of African American Children's Literature?

    D.J.: I think that there are a lot of African American books out there that relates to our cultural issues--which is a good thing.

    M.T.: What is the theme of Gavendy: the Little Red Mouse?

    D.J.: That it is okay to be different.

    M.T.: What ways have you marketed your book?

    D.J.: I have readings at libraries for children, advertise my business cards and do book signings. I market my book along with the characters t-shirts on my website. My book is also on the internet, under Barnes and Noble,, Walmart and in book stores as well.

    M.T.: What is your website address?

    D.J.: My website URL is

    M.T.: Do you plan to write other children books?

    D.J.: Yes, I am writing a series of Gavendy books.

    M.T.: Do you go to schools to promote your books?

    D.J.: No, but I have sent my book to school districts in different states for review.

    M.T.: Are you currently at work on another book?

    D.J.: I have written another book based on confidence; which I plan to publish in the next year or so.

    M.T.: Thank you, Donna Johnson, for your interview. There is still a great need for more children and adolescent books that are culturally sensitive. Children Writers, get busy!