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    Debbie Williams

    This week, On The Same Page will interview Debbie Williams, founder of

    M.T.: Please tell us about your newsletter and your business?

    D.W.: My newsletter, The Organized Exchange, is a weekly ezine that covers the topics of organizing home, office, and ways of finding balance in our busy lives.

    My business, Let's Get it Together, is an organizing and time management firm specializing in techniques for parents and their families. As an organizing strategist, I provide solutions through group teleclasses, my book and articles, and email and telephone consluting. I also produce an onling training facility, OrganizedU, for those who are professional organizers are wish to join this industry.

    M.T.: How did you start publishing on the Internet?

    D.W.: During the first few months of my business online, I received so many requests from website visitors for help that I began distributing my articles, tips, and sharing favorite time-saving websites. I've produced a weekly ezine ever since (for three years now).

    M.T.: What tools have you used to market

    D.W.: The best tool for marketing has been my writing--whether for free or for pay, writing articles or a regular column for other webmasters has been monumental in spreading the word about my website. It's viral marketing at its most basic, and expands your network at the same time. I write short book reviews for books within my genre (organizing, parenting, entrepreneur) and that has gotten my name in front of publishers and authors alike. The benefits are wonderful- I get free products to review which can either be added to my personal library or shared with clients as door prizes when I speak or contest prizes online. Lastly, I am a big networker, and never hesitate to contact a webmaster, author, or business owner about collaborating on special projects. You just never know what will happen unless you ask. I've built some lasting business relationships as a result.

    M.T.: Are you at work on a book and what is the title of the book?

    D.W.: Yes, my new book is finished and will be released in May 2001. Home Management 101: A Guide for Busy Parents is the title, and it encompasses many of the aspects of parenting, from time management to setting goals for ourselves and our families. I'm really excited about sharing my experience as an educator and professional organizer with stressed parents across the globe- help's on its way!

    M.T.: What are some of the services Organizedtimes can offer to writers?

    D.W.: Occasionally, we accept guest articles from writers to publish in our ezine, The Organized Exchange. Topics on organizing homes, offices, and working at home as it pertains to families. Books and product reviews are also a part of our publication, posted on our website as well. It's a great way to gain additional exposure for your new book, booklet, organizing product, or time-saving website.

    M.T.: What are some of the benefits of being a member of Organizedtiemes?

    D.W.: Members of receive special discounts as subscribers that no one else has privy to, as well as access to my syndicated column (Organized Times). We provide readers with information on brand new books and products in the organizing industry that other sites are unaware of. We also produce an annual online event, Virtually Organized(tm), hosted at our training site OrganizedU, that is the first and only event of its kind held exclusively online. Thousands of visitors attend each year, and we provide interactive access to experts within the industry through articles, recorded interviews, live chats, and free teleclasses. And of course there are the prizes given away each year from corporate sponsors such as Lillian Vernon, Paper Tiger, and others. It's a great way to get organized without leaving home.

    Currently we provide distance learning through OrganizedU for time management, organizing skills, self publishing, and professional speaking. The teleclasses are open to all, and are accessible as well as affordable.

    In the near future, members of will have access to a Members Only area where they will be able to view content not accessible to the public. An online study course for parents, free teleclasses, books, checklists and reports will be included in their low monthly subscription fee with unlimited access.

    M.T.: What are some suggestions you might offer new, old and aspiring writers?

    D.W.: Write every single day! Keeping a journal by your side or on your computer to capture daily thoughts is a wonderful way to warm up your brain -- then when it's time to write an article, report, or tackle that novel, you're primed and ready to go.

    Don't hesitate to write for byline only, even after you become a published or professional writer. Consider using a handful of articles or tips to distribute online or in print publications to keep your name and work in front of your readers. It's great marketing and builds credibility.

    M.T.: Could you give us the link to your site and how to get in touch with you or subscribe to your newsletter?

    D.W.: I'd be delighted to. My site is , and you can subscribe to my newsletter The Organized Exchange by sending an email to . I can always be reached by email at . Thanks so much for allowing me this opportunity to share my story with your readers- - Debbie Williams

    M.T.: Debbie Williams, thanks for this informative interview.