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Dale Adams

E-Book Writer's Showcase

“Find a niche and fill it,” they say in business. That is exactly what this new writer, Dale Adams, did. He was a caregiver for his 95-year-old aunt for several years. During that time, he and Mary O’Hair enjoyed many movies together. Realizing that his elderly aunt was forgetting the particulars of many of her favorite flicks, Adams designed a movie log so that he and his aunt could better discuss the movies they had viewed, share what they each liked or disliked about them and better remember the details of each movie. This exercise helped not only stimulate O'Hair's mind, but made the movies more enjoyable for them both. Adams soon realized that this would be a great learning tool for children, as well. While using the logs, his aunt became more alert and participated in the conversation more fluently. It also served to strengthen the older woman’s memory. Thus, the idea for My Movie Collection was born! What is special about this book is it can be downloaded on your computer. This book is an e-book, although you can also get the printed version.

M.T.: What gave you the idea for these unique, yet tightly-niched books?

D.A.: Well Maxine I have always been a person with ideas. I am a classic case of an Entrepreneur, even though I still don't know how to pronounce it properly. My mind constantly races with ideas. I remember exactly when I came up with the idea for these books. I was sitting in my living room next to my 94 year old Aunt watching TV. A commercial came on about books. And for some reason I asked myself "I wonder how many books I have read in my life?" My mind began racing, I grabbed a pen and paper, and a few minutes later I had a rough draft of, "My Book Collection" I temporarily stopped and thought "Oh this will never work - it is like book reports , and historically we all hate book reports. But I asked myself - why? Why do we have to dislike them? Why not make them fun? I was watching a movie with my sweet Aunt Mary as I designed this book and thought that I could also do the same thing with movies. The more I saw on TV and the news media about negative content of movies, the more certain I was that "My Movie Collection was a good idea. Aunt Mary and I watched movies together and she assisted me in the design.

M.T.: How did you come up with the idea to use e-Books?

D.A. Well I did not know about them until a friend; Darlene Bishop, that assisted me in perfecting both of these books suggested it to me. Before then I was just looking at traditional printing and print on demand technology. Darlene said that eBooks are kinda popular now. So I didn't waste no time getting online and eyeballing this new form of publishing. It didn't take me long to figure out that e-Books were the way to go. For me or any other Author. I realized how excellent eBooks are when I was doing some research and wanted a reference book in the middle of the night. (Bookstores all closed) The book I wanted was for sale online - BUT it wasn't in e-Book format, so I couldn't obtain it. Although I didn't get the book I wanted, I learned something important. E-Books definitely have some advantages.

M.T.: Tell us what your experience has been as a self-publisher. Tell us about the obstacles, the joys and the pain.

D.A.: Excited would be the best word to describe my overall feelings. Of course this has always been my dream.

I have been very fortunate. I haven't had many obstacles. The amount of work involved in starting your own publishing company is overwhelming. But the alternative of releasing all of my rights to a big publisher is not an option.

I enjoy doing business on the internet. It is ironic that doing business on the net would be much more personal than doing business in person. There are many people like you and I doing business on the internet and they are humorous and easy to work with.

I am guessing they are happy because of all the money they are making. The downside is that most of them are also very busy which can lead to delays.

Obstacles. As I look into my crystal ball - I see no more obstacles for a writer who wants to be published. E-Books have opened the door for economical publishing. Anybody can get a book online and for sale with as little as $100.00.

The only pain I have experienced is having delays to get my book online and for sale. Delays can be painful when you are anxious to get published. But it has all worked out perfectly.

All in all the benefits and excitement of self- publishing far out weigh any alternatives. It is apparent to me that authors are no longer inferior to the large publishers. We have other choices.

M.T.: Thank you Dale Adams for this encouraging interview. E-books are growing in popularity and opening up other possibilities for writers. Please order Dale Adam's book at: Book Locker

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