New Writer's Showcase
    Carla J. Curtis

    This week On The Same Page has the pleasure of interviewing Carla J. Curtis, Author and Self-Publisher of, A Single Woman's Parenting Journey: Survival Tidbits. (Self-help/Inspirational/Spirituality)

    M.T.: What made you decide to write your book on Single Parenting?

    C.J.T.: I've always wanted to write a book to encourage and motivate others. While on an airplane ride many years ago, I became bored and started writing in my journal. During this flight, I got antsy and started thinking about how I wanted to write a book, but I just wasn't sure on what topic. After pondering about what subject I had the most knowledge to tackle, my mind just went frozen. It was then that I decided to say a quick prayer to solicit God's help in the matter. It was during this time of prayer, that God revealed to me that I was to write a book to motivate and encourage other single parents. Within a few minutes, I had the chapters of my book for single parents. Since I had been a single parent for many years, I knew firsthand that my testimony and words of encouragement could help others along their single parenting journey. So, the rest is history.

    M.T.: How did you go about self-publishing?

    C.J.T.: Research, research and more research! I searched the Internet, went to the library and read all of the resources that I could grab on the topic of self-publishing. I also talked to other self-published authors to get their insight In addition, I called a few literary agents to find out more about self-publishing as well. The only person that answered my inquiries was you, Mrs. Thompson. Through having contact with you, I was then introduced to Dr. Rosie Milligan of Milligan Books, who also gave me some helpful tidbits on self-publishing. Furthermore, since I LOVE to write, have degrees in management and have always known that I wanted to operate my own business, I realized that self-publishing is fitting for me.

    M.T.: What has been the response to your book?

    C.J.T.: The response to my book has been wonderful. It's amazing! I truly thank God that my book has encouraged so many single mothers and many married persons as well. I've gotten some excellent feedback. When I look at the reviews that I've received on, I really feel proud and thankful. Also, I have received some very positive emails from persons who have also read my book.

    M.T.: What are some of your future marketing plans?

    C.J.T.: Networking, networking and doing some more networking. I cannot stress enough how important networking is in marketing books. I've developed press packets and have been sending them to as many bookstores as possible. I've also been going in person to bookstores within my area to introduce myself and to tell them about my book. What I've found most helpful in my marketing efforts is the Internet. While searching the Internet, I've found parenting groups, online book clubs and valuable resources that are helping me get the word out about my book. I plan to do book signings and to market my book to churches that have single parenting ministries. I have friends and family members that are selling my books and hosting book club meetings at their home. This is giving my book a lot of exposure.

    M.T.: Are you at work on another book?

    C.J.T.: Yes, I am at work on two books. I am working on both a motivational and encouragement book for teenage mothers, and a contemporary Christian fiction book. Iím extremely excited about both of these projects. Stay tuned!

    M.T.: What advice would you give to new authors?

    C.J.T.: Pray like you've never prayed before, network with other writers so that you can develop a good support system, and be patient with yourself. Also, it would be wise to find a mentor, coach if you will, that has been where you want to go. When you find a reliable and trustworthy mentor, listen and ask many questions.

    Write, write and do some more writing and take your craft seriously. Take writing classes, workshops, read writing books - basically, do anything that it takes to hone your writing skills. There's always room for improvement. Remember to stay focused on your writing goals. In addition, it is very important for new authors to understand that writing and self-publishing are two distinctly different things. Writing is simple just that - writing and being a self-publisher means that you are running a business.

    Although writing a book can be compared to running a marathon, I wouldn't trade this journey in for all of the tea in China. I can honestly say that this has been one of my most fulfilling experiences. And, I truly thank God for having blessed me with the talent of writing.

    To place an order for, A Single Woman's Parenting Journey: Survival Tidbits, please visit This book is also available on and at Milligan

    M.T.: Thank you, Ms. Curtis, for this encouraging and insightful interview.