Baba Evans

Writer's Showcase

This week On The Same Page is honored to interview second time author, Baba Evans, author of The Pastor's Letter. His sophomore novel is a compelling novel, which is going fast. Contact your local book store to order a copy.

M.T.: What made you choose a minister as your main character?

B.E. Many times, ministers are easily viewed as idols above reproach, placed in high positions, and even deified. However, they are human beings, just like you and I, and some have skeletons in their closets.

M.T.: How did you go about plotting your novel?

B.E. I thought about how to describe the steps of a man, falling from Grace, hitting rock bottom, deciding to look back at his past for answers.

M.T.: What is the theme of your novel?

B.E.: Forgiving relationships between fathers and sons.

M.T.: How have you grown since the first novel?

B.E.: I learned to work closely with my story editor and followed her suggestions.

M.T.: What is my Marketing plans?

B.E.: I believe this novel is primarily appealing to readers in the religious community. Due to the theme, The Pastor's Letter fits timely within current discussions around the fatherhood initiatives.

M.T.: Would you recommend self-publishing with story/line editing, copy editing, packaging, as a viable route to aspiring authors?

B.E. Yes, it's a must. New authors must be willing to work with independent counselors in order to complete their task. It's a valuable way of making sure new authors stay current, in vogue, and on track with their manuscripts. My next novel is three-fourth complete. It chronicle's the life-treating struggles of a female, single-head-of-household, trying to raise five boys and keep her sanity. The Internet has opened a wealth of information and resources to authors and others who use it. It also offers entrance to new markets and ideas while sitting at a desk.

M.T. Thank you, Mr. Baba Evans.